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Caribbean InTransit Arts Journal provides a  critical meetinplace for CaribbeaCreatives to explore, examine, and evaluate works and ideas concerning the regional and diasporic Caribbean. As the cornerstone of our art-for-social-change initiative, the Arts Journal is an incubator for access, practice and critique, providing contributors a peer-reviewed platform to connect with a community of artists, academics, activists and entrepreneurs, invested in networking and creating new spaces for growth, to identify modes of connection and transition for the Caribbean and its Diasporas.

The Arts Journal is produced bi-annually in the spring, and fall seasons as an open-access publication, presented in English with features in French, and Spanish, and plans to include Kréyol, Papiamento, and Dutch. It is archived online at the Digital Library of the Caribbean and will also be available soon on the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Issues mostly showcases a range of works surrounding a particular theme however periodically, our Editorial Team makes an open call for works. We design communities of value. In this regard, participants are invited to connect with other contributors through responses to their work. Submit work  to our arts journal here.

Call for papers/work will be posted here when there is a call open.

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Advocate for contemporary Caribbean expression. Share valuable information here, including calls for papers, artists, awards, residencies, workshops, competitions, cultural liaisons, funding and other possibilities.

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