3rd Sundaze presents BODY

3rd Sundaze is a roving curatorial project as an experiment and layer of a blue-print where artists, thinkers and policy-makers continually craft models and modes of being, doing and growing. Named to reflect that bubble of space and time somewhere in between, that node where we may find balance or tip, 3rd Sundaze acts as […]


CALL FOR 4th GHETTO BIENNALE 2015       Kreyòl, Vodou and the Lakou: forms of resistance   A call for artists and curators (calls in Kreyòl, 官话, Português, لغة العربية, Español, русский, Français, नॉट available soon on the website)   After the Haiti Revolution, the formerly enslaved peasants had three tools for their ‘counter-plantation’ […]

This is ME V, HAITI, 2014

This is ME V, Haiti is a collaboration between Caribbean InTransit, The University of Haiti- IERAH/ISERSS, Empowered Women International and CEDEL, Haiti.  Over 30 students of IERAH/ISERSS are participating in this program which will provide entrepreneurship training to students pursuing degrees in Art History,  Cultural Heritage, Tourism and History. The students have formed 6 groups […]

The School of Arts, Entrepreneurship & The Environment.

Caribbean InTransit aims to create a satellite School of the Arts, Entrepreneurship and the Environment by 2017.  The initiative will establish a platform for South- South dialogue as well as international relationships. To partner in this initiative, contact us at  


Membership Caribbean InTransit’s Membership  Program offers opportunities for artists, students, audiences, schools, arts organizations as well as public and private entities. For Students, Schools and Arts Organizations: Membership provides opportunities to showcase works, projects and programs to new audiences, grants access to networks and educational materials. For Audiences: We offer an extraordinary cultural experience across the […]

Caribbean InTransit Partners

As a cultural commission and a showcase for contemporary expression, Caribbean InTransit fosters international and regional  partnerships.  Through our festivals, journal, workshop series and Google Talk Hangout Series, we forge meaningful and ongoing relationships with public and private organizations, scholars, cultural producers and their organizations and entrepreneurs  to build a community of value. Driven by the […]

This is Me, Jamaica

Caribbean InTransit’s issue two journal, a workshop entitled “This is Me” was held from March 6th-8th, 2012 at Belmont Boys High School in Trinidad. The aim of the workshop was to teach students to use their present circumstances to create positive visions for/ of themselves through photography, using available cameras such as mobile phones. The […]


CARIBBEAN INTRANSIT SYMPOSIUM: BIENNIALS & ART PRACTICES IN THE CARIBBEAN- SUMMARY   “Biennials and Art Practices of the Caribbean” brought a wide array of experiences, projects and concerns into focus.  The event was hosted by Caribbean InTransit in partnership with the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage (CFCH) on June 28th 2012 at the […]

ISSUE 4: Call for Papers

Issue 4 Call for Papers  – “CUTTING EDGES: NEW MEDIA & CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP”   Throughout the Caribbean region and its multiple Diasporas, artistic form and practice are at risk.  Since the beginning of a global economic crisis in 2008, the arts have been particularly impacted through severe losses of funding and institutional support.  These ongoing global […]

Easy Access? Art. Technology. Availability. Impact.

Caribbean InTransit launches in the island of Trinidad, in March 2012, with two exciting events organised under the theme…  Easy Access? Art. Technology. Availability. Impact. Caribbean InTransit is a dynamic, new platform for artists and academics. It is the only open access academic journal focused on the Caribbean Arts. Open access is the concept of […]