Guidelines For How To Do An Art Critique

By: Tauseen  Seyed & Moaad Bkr Disclaimer: This is not a formal art critique from an art historical perspective but rather contextualizes artistic practices within notions of democracy. For example, we are interested in how publics represent themselves and vie for visibility within public space, public art versus art for the public and symbolic violence.

TOP 10 Provocative Fashion Projects!

by Cayenne Lai Social media has had a significant effect on fashion trends. Trends move faster and reach more people than ever before. Arguably, fashion has become more accessible. These examples show how “fashion” might be changing as more people are able to share their ideas through social media. No longer is fashion completely determined […]

ALWAYS CONFRONTATIONAL? Public Art vs. Art for the Public

By Joan Ronstadt “Public art” and “Art for the public” are two different concepts that are easily interchangeable.  Public art refers more to commissioned pieces that are often twisted metal sculptures placed in publicly designated areas like plazas. These pieces are typically commissioned by foundations, the government or large institutions. Art for the public typically […]

FLUX-a project of the Social Media, Arts and the Public Sphere class

Flux is an exhibition based on students understandings and critical investigation into the relationship between social media, the arts and the public sphere. Thirteen students of American University who are enrolled in the course “Social Media, Arts and The Public Sphere” have worked with their lecturer – Caribbean InTransit team member Marielle Barrow- to stage […]