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This is ME, V is accompanied by avid press drive on Social Media and traditional press in supporting and making visible the work of the program, our trainees and our partners.  Check us out on Social Media: This is Me Global on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


 ABOUT THIS IS ME V, TRINIDAD 2016 This is ME, 2016 is the fifth edition of this program created by Caribbean InTransit’s founder Dr. Marielle Barrow. From March 2014 to March 2016, Dr. Barrow worked closely with staff at the Inter-American Development Bank to develop a scaled version of the program. This is ME, V […]

Volunteer for This is ME, V

Volunteer for This is ME, V! ‘This Is ME V’ is a flagship outreach program of Caribbean InTransit that provides a vital link between our “Arts for Transformation” imperative, local school and university systems and established work, social work and entrepreneurial enterprises in the Caribbean region. A partnership initiative with the Inter-American Development Bank, ‘This […]


Register for This is ME, V 2016! If you are 16-32 years old, living in a high-need community in Trinidad, creatively inclined and want to have an opportunity to develop yourself, here is your chance! Become a change-maker with the This is ME programme. Register for a 6 month scholarship with This is ME. We […]

This is ME, V Facilitators

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This is ME, V Partnership form

Caribbean InTransit is an arts and education non-profit registered in Trinidad and Tobago. One of our flagship programs is “This Is ME”. It is an innovative alternative to delivery of traditional vocational training options to help at risk youth in high-need urban communities transition to self-employment in the fashion sector in our twin island state. […]

Golf-for-Good, This is ME Fundraiser

Make payments here: online Golf Team Registration:   Bring Fashion, Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills to youth in Trinidad & Tobago and Zanzibar through a 6 month training program and micro-financing for their small businesses! THIS IS ME, V, TRINIDAD- FASHION, LEADERSHIP & ENTREPRENEURSHIP With a focus on Fashion, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship, This is ME, V targets  200 at-risk youth  in […]

AHA- Authentic Haitian Arts

AHA! – Authentic Haitian Arts Leaders: Paul Jean Emile & Paul Gothy Contact: Gallerie d’Art et Mode

This is ME V, HAITI, 2014

This is ME V, Haiti is a collaboration between Caribbean InTransit, The University of Haiti- IERAH/ISERSS, Empowered Women International and CEDEL, Haiti.  Over 30 students of IERAH/ISERSS are participating in this program which will provide entrepreneurship training to students pursuing degrees in Art History,  Cultural Heritage, Tourism and History. The students have formed 6 groups […]

The School of Arts, Entrepreneurship & The Environment.

Caribbean InTransit aims to create a satellite School of the Arts, Entrepreneurship and the Environment by 2017.  The initiative will establish a platform for South- South dialogue as well as international relationships. To partner in this initiative, contact us at