FLUX-a project of the Social Media, Arts and the Public Sphere class

Flux is an exhibition based on students understandings and critical investigation into the relationship between social media, the arts and the public sphere. Thirteen students of American University who are enrolled in the course “Social Media, Arts and The Public Sphere” have worked with their lecturer – Caribbean InTransit team member Marielle Barrow- to stage this event. Several guest lecturers including Kesi Gardner, Peter Lee, Stef Woods and Catherine Read have contributed ideas and expertise in making this project a reality.

FLUX examines contemporary processes that influence and are influenced by shifting systems or epistemes of power. Through examinations of public art, fashion, monuments and social media, students investigate current practices, critically questioning our quotidian and symbolic expressions. We invite audiences to closely consider new practices of space, time and the shifting of norms enabled by social media. This exhibition seeks to de-familiarize cultural behaviours in order to question the premises, beliefs and social or technological structures upon which our norms are based.

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