Lucayan Evolution, April 13-18, 2015

Lucayan Evolution By Edrin Symonette- Promo


The Pro Gallery invites you to Lucayan Evolution an exhibition of new works by Bahamian artist Edrin Christopher Symonette which will open on Thursday, April 16th 2015 from 7pm at The College of The Bahamas’ (COB) Oakes Field campus, Nassau Bahamas.

Lucayan Evolution explores a hypothetical reality in which Lucayans have evolved and flourished in a modern day Bahamas, absent of Christopher Columbus. The works feature a collection of modern Afro-Bahamian masks, which support the fabricated notion of creolisation, combining the old (Lucayan) with the new (African). With this melding of traditions the significance of body decoration becomes plausible as a means of visual communication. Lucayan Evolution seeks to create a conversation through time, which exemplifies the necessity of tradition and culture with regards to identity. By examining the similarities of Lucayans and Africans Symonette hopes to present a modern definition of Afro-Bahamian identity, and ultimately construct the idea of a Neo-Bahamian.

About the Artist

Edrin Christopher Symonette (born 1986 Nassau, Bahamas) earned his Associate’s Degree in Art from COB in 2007. He is a craft instructor at C.H. Reeves Junior High School and is currently completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Art Education at COB. Symonette is a mixed media artist who has participated in several community art projects and exhibitions in The Bahamas. He is also one of the Founding Members of The Salus Project, a creative initiative dedicated to the promotion of health and wellness through art and art therapy.

The exhibition runs April 13 -18, 2015. For more information or for updates on the show please visit Lucayan Evolution’s facebook page:

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