Global Threads: Creative Entrepreneurship & Transnationalism


Call for papers:


The Department of Creative and Festival Arts and Caribbean Intransit welcome papers for the conferenceentitled: “Global Threads: Creative Entrepreneurship & Transnationalism”, which will take place on October 10th 2014.


Art and culture are important to a country’s prestige and standing internationally but increasingly it is critical to the economics well being of nation states in a post- Fordian reality. Increasingly governments in the Caribbean are recognizing that the creative industries are critical to providing direct economic benefits to local communities and countries.  They create jobs, attract investments, generate tax revenues, and stimulate local economies through tourism and consumer purchases.


These industries also provide an array of other benefits, such as infusing other industries with creative insights for their products and services, promoting social cohesion in diverse societies, and preparing workers to participate in the highly competitive work force. While the tradition of artistic creativity is well established within the region, what is lacking is the prerequisite institutional structure, business models and professional institutions, technological innovation and talent incubators to transform artistic endeavors into marketable goods and services that can significantly affect gross domestic products (GDP) as it does in developed states such as the United States, Great Britain and Sweden.


The objectives of the conference are:

  • To determine how critical players can establish strategic linkages through policy
  • To explore routes for trans-national practice and participation for cultural practitioners
  • To develop a deeper understanding of the operational models of key players who contribute to the industry
  • To establish a system of projects and partnerships toward strategic industry interventions e.g Acquisition policies & Collectors Clubs
  • To explore avenues for partnership and collaboration in the formation of a Satellite School of the Arts, Entrepreneurship and the Environment for 2017.


This conference and subsequent volume of Caribbean In transit will explore the business of the arts including:

  • Infrastructural development,
  • Public-private partnerships,
  • Policy development,
  • The arts as socio-economic development tools,
  • Corporate social responsibility,
  • Innovation and competitiveness,
  • Civil society involvement in the development of the creative industries
  • Creative Clusters
  • Marketing and brand development


Guiding Questions & Thoughts: 

i) What is your definition of the Creative Industries? What Policy strategy or approach guides policy formation? What tools can be implemented toward an integrated Creative Industry policy framework between entities


ii) What creative avenues and strategies might there be for establishing inter-sectoral and South-South partnerships and collaborations that grow the industry?


The contributions should continue the conversation on the management; marketing and institutional strengthening that is critical to the development of the Caribbean’s creative sector.


Editors:  Dr. Suzanne Burke; Dr. Howard Dennis


Submission portal:


Submission Deadline: Sept 30 2014