Caribbean InTransit: The Meeting Place

Caribbean InTransit launches its inaugural annual arts festival in October 2013 in Trinidad & Tobago. The Arts festival features a symposium component in collaboration with the Postgraduate Program in Cultural Studies at the University of the West Indies. 





Call for Proposals:

Questions of embodiment have surfaced as a focus of attention and interrogation in the arts and humanities over the past several decades. Scholars and artists have explored the possibilities of remembering, refiguring and resituating the body as past, present and future – and the construction of the body within networks and institutions.

In moving image practice and theory, this shows itself as a renewed interest in the materiality of the medium and the embodied perception of the viewer. In installation art, the body of the viewer/artist might be positioned within/outside of the work as part of a larger statement on our relationship to the virtual, physical or institutional environment. In art history and cultural studies the intersection of body, institution and memory might allow for an investigation of the material and immaterial processes that shape and are shaped by the body as imagined, historicized and “enculturated”. Institutions of family, state, violence, history, memory and art itself are called into question.

In Body/Institution/Memory, we are interested in works which reflect on the body in relation to institutions and memory in contemporary art. We would like to initiate a discussion of the ways in which contemporary artists of the Caribbean and its diasporas have addressed these concerns – and the ways in which these might be l inked to similar concerns internationally. While earlier work has situated the body politically within a nexus of colonial and postcolonial relations, gendered relations and raced relations, we would like to extend the conversation to think also of the body as a set of practices that might address the idea of embodiment itself. How does the body interrogate and signify in the context of memory and institution ? How are art and digital technology being used to facilitate this process? How have artists explored the body as a site of changing relations in the past, present and future? How is memory institutionalized within the body? How might we think of contemporary art itself as an institution or a set of practices within this context?

We welcome proposals for papers from established scholars as well as artists and postgraduate students. Submission format: Please submit proposals of 300-450 words and bios of 50 words. Proposals should demonstrate how the presenter intends to address one or more of the selected questions – or make a case for a clearly related set of questions. Bios should include: name; institutional affiliations, if any; areas of work/research; and selected publications/works relevant to contemporary art.

Featured speaker: Dr. Erica James, Assistant Professor, History of Art and 
African American Studies at Yale University




The Caribbean Intransit platform operates a peer-reviewed online journal that is institutionally affiliated with African and African American Studies at George Mason University, conducts community workshops and initiates curatorial events. On October 25, 2013, as part of its continued experiment in ways of working, Caribbean InTransit will launch its first annual festival, “Caribbean InTransit: The Meeting Place”. We are pleased to launch the symposium component of this event in conjunction with the Postgraduate Programme in Cultural Studies at The University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine. The theme of the symposium is “Body/Institution/Memory”.

“The Meeting Place”  Arts Festival partners  include: The National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad & Tobago, The Angel Project, The Contemporary Choreographers Collective (COCO) Dance Festival, Arts Insight & Dancing Diaspora Across Borders.

“Body/Institution/Memory” will bring together a number of academics, artists and postgraduate students to explore selected questions that have arisen in contemporary art both within the Caribbean and its diaporas and beyond. We would like to invite proposals for papers to be presented at the symposium. Papers presented will also be under consideration for inclusion in Issue 6 of Caribbean InTransit with an anticipated publication date of Spring 2014.



COCO Dance Festival:
October 10-13, 2013
The Contemporary Choreographers’ Collective (COCO) is a group of independent choreographers – Dave Williams, Sonja Dumas, Nancy Herrera and Nicole Wesley – which offers performance support for local choreographers working in unconventional ways in Trinidad and Tobago. This year marks our fifth year of providing a platform of innovation, experimentation and excellence in the world of contemporary dance for emerging and established choreographers. We plan to present COCO 2013 from October 10 to 13 at Queen’s Hall and one other venue.

The mission of the Contemporary Choreographers’ Collective is to inspire, encourage and serve the community through creative processes and collaborative endeavours. We are committed to enriching the dance community through multidisciplinary and culturally diverse programs, establishing a contemporary artist network and enlivening the human spirit in Trinidad and Tobago and abroad through performance and choreographic study.

Visit COCO Dance Festival on Facebook;
“Dancing Diaspora Across Borders:” Rosangela Silvestre’s Intensive Silvestre Technique and Orixa Dance Movement Workshop
October 24th- October 27th

Rosangela Silvestre of Brazil will be coming to Trinidad, October 24th- October 27th, to teach an intensive workshop at the UTT dance room. There will also be a culminating performance at the Little Carib Theatre.
Come immerse yourself in the universalizing principles of the Silvestre Technique and feel connected to your fellow dancers, the elements, and the cosmos. Learn about dance of the African diaspora as it is expressed in Bahia, Brazil. This is a workshop not only for dancers, but for spiritual leaders or enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the power of intention, energy, and movement. An opportunity not to be missed!!!

Facebook page: event page:

Administred by: Alysha Higgins, director of AllAhWe Is One Productions-