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CI- October 2015 Fundraiser (To MB)Bring Fashion, Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills to youth in Trinidad & Tobago and Zanzibar through a 6 month training program and micro-financing for their small businesses!







 More about This is ME, V

With a focus on Fashion, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship, This is ME, V targets  200 at-risk youth  in Trinidad & Tobago, between the ages of 16-25 over a period of 6 months. The end result of this program is not only a surge of self-respect, hands-on training and extensive networking for students. In successfully completing the program, students will  be afforded the opportunity to launch micro-enterprises as they will be provided with micro-financing.

Benefitting from the expertise of its partners, Caribbean InTransit’s programming for This is ME, V is developed along with the IADB, education consultants, counselors, community leaders, leaders in the Fashion industry and students. In addition partners such as the Lab Community will help to facilitate exchanges with students as far as Zanzibar and Johannesburg.

Funds raised will enable our small NGO to scale its offerings: augmenting the numbers of students who can benefit from our programming from 30 to 200, while increasing the duration of the program from one month to 6 months.

In Caribbean InTransit’s first edition of This is ME in 2012,  the boys identified four themes, which described their current situations: fear, violence, crime and corruption. They worked through these themes and talked about how they could support each other and find something positive in their situations creating a montage that represented their vision. In 2013, our program in Jamaica addressed the issue of HIV/Aids by creating a video promoting a deeper understanding of surrounding challenges.   A prostitute, an arts student and a person living with the disease stood on the streets of Half Way Tree in Kingston, discussing stigmas, choices and misunderstandings. 2013 and 2014 found the Caribbean InTransit team in Haiti teaching arts- paper making and printing from local materials, and entrepreneurship, to both university students and children of the ghetto. In 2014,  Trinidadian students learned video and self-presentation skills and carried their artwork to the streets. This is ME, V 2015 will use fashion to craft a sustainable existence for youth of Trinidad & Tobago by taking a further step in launching small businesses.

The This is ME series provides a  vital  link  between Caribbean InTransit, local school systems, and established social work collectives in the region and internationally. The program  is  designed  to  equip attendees with marketable skills. We develop sustainable cultural programming, addressing crime, violence, justice, invisibility, marginalization among other issues, by critically engaging participants in a proactive effort to manage and better their realities.

This is ME is the seed of our reason for being: we exist to further enable voice through the Caribbean Arts, to develop viability of the domain in the region, to develop partnerships with youth in other nations and a a joint online marketplaceand, to provide a way-in for young people who need a space to express, desire access to opportunity, require a platform to demonstrate what is possible.  We are designing a better future for our youth.

-To develop students self respect, enable healing from traumatic experiences and allow them room for self-validation through their spiritual engagement and practical skills development.

-To develop viable pathways to sustainable livelihoods including economic cooperatives, gaining vocational qualification as pathways to higher education or entrance into job market that facilitates, creativity, a sense of pride and accomplishment, ability of youth to earn a meaningful living and generate respect for themselves.

-To create access for youth- expose students to global experiences and to facilitate the development of profound relationships between professionals, community scholars, youth and members of the Caribbean Diaspora.