TOP 10 Provocative Fashion Projects!

by Cayenne Lai

Social media has had a significant effect on fashion trends. Trends move faster and reach more people than ever before. Arguably, fashion has become more accessible. These examples show how “fashion” might be changing as more people are able to share their ideas through social media. No longer is fashion completely determined by a few select, privileged tastemakers. It has been burst open and diversified through social media. Anyone can post anything and call it fashion these days, and they can reach people through social media. These examples show just how broad of a word “fashionable” has become.

  1. 1. LA SAPE
  2. SAPE stands for “Societe des Ambianceurs et Personnes Elegantes”. SAPE refers to the society of atmosphere setters and elegant people. The members of SAPE known as Sapeurs take fashion as a priority above all the other issues a developing country like Congo is facing. The movement of SAPE has started back in 1922. It is influenced by a man named Andre Bernard Matsoua, which was the first local who traveled to Paris and  retured dressed in luxurious outfits, just like a person from the upper class society. In Congo, the average monthly salary is around $300. The Sapeurs are spending thousands of dollars on branded suits, shirts, shoes and accessories. This gesture is not acceptable by the society and stimulates much commentary.








2. Fashion Kids

“Fashion Kids” is a new trend that can be observed on social media like Facebook and Instagram.  On Instagram, thousands of photos of children are dressed as if they invaded their parents’ closet. Kids wearing sun glasses, studded shoes, mini skirt and peplum dresses are imaged. This new trend is very quite controversial. With the money that is spent on these outfits, parent could invest toward their childrens’ college education: something useful the effects of which will not disappear after 5 months.Is this new fashion trend a new accepted norm?  Perhaps we need to think more carefully about it.






3.Time Machine Vintage 1950’ Trend






Vintage, which is also known as the old fashion is the now New trend.  Fashion goes round and comes  back around. Now, to be trendy, you need to dress much like your grandparents used to dress. In recent years, the popularity of retro and vintage looks has been tremendous. People choose to wear vintage clothing for a variety of reasons such as nostalgia and uniqueness. Vintage clothing may also be  considered  a work of art and history.  But why vintage? Is it because we are running out of ideas, or because we want to live in the past? This is debatable.


4. Dress made exclusively of Human Hair



What do you usually do with your cut away hair?

Jodie Breeds a hairdresser, created the eco-friendly frock using hair which was donated by clients to make a dress that is entirely from human hair. It is worn by beauty queen, Holly Lyons on the catwalk of the Miss England final.



5. Fifth Element jewelry line

Fashion designer Brianna Hallihan, the designer of award winning Jewelry line of “mettle- fair trade”. Each piece of this jewelry is a limited edition and it is hand made using recycled bomb shell metal. Recycled bomb shell symbolized the element of violence, yet, it is made into a collection of jewelry line. Jewelry has been use by many cultures to express their belief, culture and way of life. It has also symbolized each race differently. The question is, what does jewelry t made by recycled bombshells symbolize?




6.Weedrobes from Nicole Dextras


The Weedrobes series began in year 2005, by Nicole Dextras, an artist who focuses on creating environmental art. Dextras installs the principle of socially engaged art practice and starts experimenting in making garments from the gift of Mother Nature’s leaves and flowers. The collection of Weedrobes focuses on environmentally friendly materials and are all made up of renewable plants.  It is an environmental art movement, to spread awareness about environmental issue that result from our  comfortable lifestyles.


7.Condom couture: Turning Rubbers into dresses

With the result of crossing over garment, condoms aids and charity, a 35 years old creative Greenpeace activist named Adriana Bertini came out with the brillian idea to combine all of these elements. Bertini a green activist from Brazil, attempt to raise AIDS awareness by creating the Condom couture. This idea is generated by the HIV positive children that she met during her volunteering work at GAPA, an AIDS prevention group.  According to Bertini, she wants to pass the message, “Condoms must be basic like a pair of jeans and so necessary like a great love”.

Why is it eco-friendly when thousands of condoms are used to make a dress? The interesting fact is that the condoms that are used to make clothing are all rejected condoms that are wasted.

8.High Fashion Kitties

Kittens are dressed like a human, with proper attire. What is this indicating? Is it making fun of fashion?

9. Something Old, something New: A World of Bridal Fashion

Weddings unite men and woman symbolizing the beginning of a new life. Melissa Leventon, former curator of Textiles at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and specialist in European and American Costume will be conducting an exhibition which exhibits more than 30 traditional weddings. The countries which included are China, Hungary, Japan, India, Macedonia, Nigeria, Norway and many more.

10. 72 year old Grandpa modeling for teen girl’s outfit online

Liu Xianping, a 72 years old grandpa from China has been posting for his granddaughter’s female fashion store. The clothes that are selling in the store are all designed to target young and fashionable female girls. The whole concept started as a joke but it successfully caught the attention of audiences. Is this a parody? Liu Xianping himself feels that it should be acceptable to  society because it doesn’t harm anybody and he feels good doing it.



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