Caribbean InTransit Calendar 2013-2014


PANEL- Bahamas

West Indian Literature Conference, College of the Bahamas
October 10th-12th 2013 

Caribbean InTransit: Platform for Multimodality and Synthaesia in artistic practice

 By interrogating existing projects and collaborative projects between Caribbean InTransit and various groups, the panel will examine multimodality as medium and practice: as the use of a variety of materials and ways of working such as artwork as  collaborative practice, education as curatorial practice, intervention in  public space, social cause, artwork as curatorial practice and the art of the book or the body. How do these varying propositions and practices impact representations of West Indian identity in transition?  Multimodality within this interrogation functions as synthaesia: the crossing of boundaries including geographical, sensorial, disciplinary, public and private.


Nimah Muwakil Zakuri- Curator of the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago Museum

Edgar Endress- artist, lecturer at the School of Art, George Mason University

Marielle Barrow- scholar, Editor-in-Chief, Caribbean InTransit Arts Journal

Keisha Oliver- Visual specialist, Caribbean InTransit, lecturer, College of the Bahamas



Rex Nettleford Arts Conference, Edna Manley College,
October 16-18, 2013

Caribbean InTransit Roundtable: Networked arts community, Scholarship & Possibilities for partnership

This roundtable is oriented around the themes of “connecting the region” as well as “innovation and entrepreneurship.” Using the arts journal Caribbean InTransit as our focal point, this roundtable engages important questions including how to create, foster and grow inter-disciplinary, cross-sectional inter and intra-regional communities invested in the arts; how to intervene in the infrastructural design  of  Caribbean arts development through partnerships; how to develop replicable and sustainable models through experimental platforms  that emphasize the role of the arts in social development, education, entrepreneurship and policy; and how to maintain these dynamic, networked arts communities.

Run by a team of scholars and artists from the Caribbean and its Diasporas, Caribbean InTransit seeks to address each of these questions. It is the only academic, open access, peer-reviewed, online journal focused on Caribbean Arts with the specific aim to cultivate a spirit and community of artistry, entrepreneurship and networking between artists, academics, organizations, policy makers and the general public, and to identify these areas as modes of transition, connection and social transformation.

To further these partnerships beyond the virtual page, Caribbean InTransit conducts community workshops and initiates various curatorial events.  In so doing Caribbean InTransit practices a form of citizenship through its experimental platform that extends into multiple spaces brokered on the varied forms of community that characterize the Caribbean.


Roundtable Participants

Ms. Marielle Barrow, Founder/ Editor-in-Chief, Caribbean InTransit

Dr. Donna P. Hope, Anglophone Specialist, Caribbean InTransit

Ms. Samantha Gooden – Regional Branding Manager, LIME

Moderator: Meagan Sylvester.

 Presentation of video by students of the Edna Manley College of the Arts and Persons living with HIV/Aids: “Caribbean InTransit, This is Me project 2 lead by artist, Olivia McGilchrist.



Caribbean InTransit: The Meeting Place



Haiti Ghetto Biennale Nov. 25- Dec. 16., Haiti
InTransit-In Situ- Research & Arts Practice Arm of Caribbean InTransit in partnership with the Floating Lab Collective


- The Book of Latente Promesses –

A collaborative project between Caribbean InTransit and the Floating Lab Collective

Is a collective project that explores forms of documentary thought and experimental mapping, presented as a sustainable platform. The project is centered on a printing process created by transferring the surfaces from the rubble of the Haitian earthquake of 2010.

The “Book of Latente Promesses” starts by exploring the artisanal manufacture of paper in Port au Prince, made from recycled material and garbage from the streets. In that context we will integrate various existing projects of recycling garbage, such as the one run by the where garbage is selected and used to manufacture paper charcoal.

The second aspect is the manufacturing of ink from available materials in Haiti. For this aspect we will research alternative and traditional forms of making ink, exploring natural products and traditional historical recipes. An example is “India ink” that uses using natural ingredients for the fabrication, such as charcoal ash.

The concluding aspect of the project is to explore the idea of false promises within communities and the city, looking at the debris of the earthquake as a mimetic signifier of the structural debacle of the post-earthquake promises made to the country. The project consists of inking the debris, objects, marking onto the locally manufactured paper, transferring the fragmented structures, and surfaces as witnesses of the event and creating a visible and transitory map.  The project creates a book -as a travelling manifest- of a multidimensional map of some of the fragments left as a consequence of the earthquake, as loose forms never reconstructed.

The book creation has the goal of creating a sustainable project that could be repeated by any community that wishes to do so. For that reason it is important to work exclusively with locally available materials in a cost effective way. The Book of Latente Promesses will travel into the USA and other possible venues as a witness and critical object of the complexity of Caribbean – Haitian and US- Haitian relations.

As an addendum to this in-situ investigation and in creating a sustainable architecture for the project, Caribbean InTransit and Floating Lab will engage audiences in commentary and discussion prior to and following the Biennale, through conferences and social media engagement.

Caribbean InTransit

Marielle Barrow,Trinidad, Living in Brooklyn, NY; Moira Williams, New York; Hadiza Aliyu, Trinidad, Nigeria,Living in  Brooklyn, New York; Lori Lee, USA, Living in Virginia; Kamilah Morain- liaison for both teams, Trinidad, Living in Haiti.

Floating Lab Collective

Jorge Luis Porrata,Cuban-American; Elsabe Dixon, South Africa, Living in Virginia; Edgar Endress, Chile, Living in Virginia



FALL 2013- Issue 5: Antithesis/Synthesis: Arts & Cultural Heritage

SPRING 2014- Issue 6: Body, Institution, Memory

SPRING 2014- Special Issue 1: To be announced

SUMMER 2014- Special Issue 2: To be announced

FALL 2014- Issue 7: The Business of the Arts


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