Volunteer for This is ME, V

Volunteer for This is ME, V!

'This Is ME V' is a flagship outreach program of Caribbean InTransit that provides a vital link between our "Arts for Transformation" imperative, local school and university systems and established work, social work and entrepreneurial enterprises in the Caribbean region. A partnership initiative with the Inter-American Development Bank, 'This Is ME' seeks to target 200 persons between the ages of 16-32 in high needs communities in Trinidad, particularly, East Port of Spain, Cocorite and Laventille.

Caribbean InTransit is a non-profit organisation with a focus on arts education that is registered in Trinidad and Tobago.

We are seeking volunteer assistance with a range of activities that will be occurring during our This Is ME V program, namely in event management, advertising, recruitment coordination, document management, video editing, as well as a range of other exciting activities.

If you are interested, please sign up below!

We look forward to your commitment and support.

What Caribbean InTransit offers its volunteers:

For every 8 hours of volunteering, you are entitled to join one of our 2 hour workshops held on average every two weeks. For every 6 hours of volunteering, we will provide a light lunch. For every 3 hours of volunteering, we will provide a beverage and snack. We do not mean, 3 hours or 6 hours of chatting and fraternizing. We expect tangible results. We expect the highest standards from our volunteers!

Training in the following areas: Marketing & Event Management, Social Media Management, Monthly Speaker Series, Leadership Training, Personal Goal Setting & Action Plan, Effective Networking, Entrepreneurship Training.

Visibility: in traditional media and social media.

Networking: with professionals and like minded individuals

Stakeholder Engagement: Opportunity to engage effectively with various levels of stakeholders.


What we require:

Commitment & Reliability: Show up and work hard. Be reliable- do what you say you will and if you are unable to, let us know with sufficient advance notice. Be open to learn and engage. Be respectful, courteous, friendly and gracious. Be present in the moment and generous in giving. Use your skills and grow your skills.

Please note that filling out this form means that you will abide by Caribbean InTransit’s Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement. Please see more by clicking the following URL link: http://caribbeanintransit.com/vision/

Volunteer for This is ME, V, Trinidad & Tobago

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