To foster a community of research and entrepreneurship related to artistic endeavors emerging from Caribbean cultural expressions of identity


To cultivate a spirit and community of artistry, entrepreneurship and networking- between artists, audiences, arts organizations, public and private sectors- and to identify these three areas as modes of transition and development for the global Caribbean through an innovative format, toward change in educational systems, research institutions, socio-cultural and economic policies.


  • Interaction
  • Interrogation
  • Diversity
  • Movement


  • To showcase the ongoing works, thoughts and underlying principles of artists, cultural producers and entrepreneurs concerning particular subjects
  • To record the interactive interface among artists, entrepreneurs, students, cultural professionals, scholars and the community at large.
  • To operate as a site of networking and sharing between artists, cultural administrators, entrepreneurs and communities
  • To highlight the experiences and best practices of artists, entrepreneurs and cultural activists
  • To create a critical interface which utilizes the interrogation of culture as a site of learning and development to impel social, economic and political change in the Caribbean and beyond.

Core Values:

Commitment to Mission: We are dedicated first and foremost, to the fulfillment of our mission to serve Caribbean artists, acadmeics and publics through (accessible) arts education and to the integration of Caribbean community through the arts.

Critical Importance of the Arts: We see the creative arts as an essential form of human expression and innovation, which is of critical importance to the development of all people and all aspects of society.

Respect for Humanity: We will not promote messages, objects or substances that endanger the health and safety of any person or group of persons.

Professional Practice and Integrity: We are committed to establishing and upholding the highest standards of professional practice and ethical conduct; performing our professional duties with honesty and integrity.

Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our communications/presenting works of art, and in the performance of all our duties.

Diversity: We are committed to featuring diverse artistic perspectives and forms of expression, as well as reflecting the diversity of the peoples and cultures throughout the Caribbean region and diaspora.

Ongoing Learning and Transformation: We will regularly review our practices, challenges, effectiveness and obstacles, and have mechanisms to incorporate lessons learned into future practice.

Responsiveness: We will be responsive to changes in the arts and arts management, as well as to the needs of Caribbean artists and our other audiences.

Code of Ethics


Every staff member, board member, volunteer, and any other person acting on behalf of/representing the Caribbean InTransit must agree to:

  1. Encourage systemic and sustained support for the arts within the public and private sectors.
  2. Create and maintain a corporate culture that is socially-responsible, community-focused, service-oriented and people-driven.
  3. Interact with all internal and external clients with courtesy, respect and fairness.
  4. Practice understanding and appreciation of diversity.
  5. Conduct professional matters within the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and governmental and institutional regulations.
  6. Exercise and encourage adherence to intellectual property and copyright laws.
  7. Respect and uphold clients rights to privacy and confidentiality with regard to information sought and received.
  8. Avoid the use of sexually explicit or wantonly violent images and language on the website and in all communications.
  9. Refrain from activities where one has a real or perceived conflict of interest and inform members of the Caribbean InTransit administration if such a conflict arises. This includes non-disclosure of information discussed at meetings, disclosed via emails, other documents or phone conversations unless explicitly invited to do so by the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor or agreed upon during meetings.
  10. Not seek private interests or personal gain to the detriment of the organization, including clients, colleagues, and partnering institutions.
  11. Keep from making statements and representations that are knowingly or intentionally false, misleading or inaccurate.
  12. Maintain the highest standards of financial accountability to Caribbean InTransit staff and relevant stakeholders.
  13. Maintain and ensure growth in the knowledge and skills of Caribbean InTransit employees and representatives through professional development, as well as supporting aspiring members of the arts management profession.
  14. Foster an environment of mutual support, communication, resource-sharing, and collaboration with individuals and groups committed to arts education.