This is Me, Jamaica

THIS IS ME 2012 JAMAICACaribbean InTransit’s issue two journal, a workshop entitled “This is Me” was held from March 6th-8th, 2012 at Belmont Boys High School in Trinidad. The aim of the workshop was to teach students to use their present circumstances to create positive visions for/ of themselves through photography, using available cameras such as mobile phones. The boys identified four themes, which describe their current situations: fear, violence, crime and corruption. They worked through these themes and talked about how they could support each other and find something positive in these. Together they created a photo montage which can be displayed as a mural.

The workshop was facilitated by Caribbean InTransit workshop coordinator Kamilah Morain along with artists Edgar Endress and Olivia McGilchrist.


The current proposed project is inspired by ‘Through Positive Eyes’, a global photographic collaboration with Gideon Mendel and the UCLA Art& Global Health Centre, “Hope: Living and Loving with HIV in Jamaica': an interactive website by poet Kwame Dawes as a Pulizer Centre commission, and ‘Expanding the Walls’, a photography based programme for high-school students at the Studio Museum in Harlem, NYC.

This project is a part of the Caribbean InTransit third issue: Arts for Social Change.

Caribbean  InTransit is produced under African and African-American Studies  at George Mason University, and this project is part of a special initiative for World Aids Day this year in collaboration with the School of Art, George Mason University.


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